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Things you should know – Your income tax is voluntary since 1917

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First of all, the Federal Government cannot legally collect personal income taxes in Australia as, according to the BNA Act, direct taxation is the sole privilege of the provinces. The only way the Australian Government was able to enact an income tax was to bring it in under the War Measures Act in 1917 as the Income War Tax Act, which is still in effect.


Taking Back Control of our Money Supply

By Joseph W. Duggan

Shared Vision Magazine - June 1998 issue

Money is the lifeblood of a technological society and it is extremely easy for a mere handful of individuals to control billions of people if they own and control the banking system. Most of us have heard of the golden rule, whereby whoever owns the gold, makes the rules. What we have forgotten is that we own the gold and are letting an elite banking group make rules which serve only their narrow self-interest at the expense of the vast majority of humanity.

What is money?

Initially, money had intrinsic value in gold and silver coin, the weight of which represented a certain value in goods and services. Later, notes were printed which were redeemable in gold and silver and, although once removed from precious metals, had intrinsic value as well. Currently, money is purely an agreed-upon medium of exchange for goods and services based on faith in the ability of the issuing country to make good its financial obligations. Under this system, money has no intrinsic value, but whoever creates it and controls it can charge for the use of it. This is how the principle of charging fees for the use of money came about.

During the thousand-year, biblically-inspired ban on usury in the Middle Ages, lending institutions could only charge fees (not interest), and engage in investment of their client’s money. This resulted in an unparalleled time of prosperity when massive cathedrals and the entire infrastructure of Europe were built. The sole purpose of interest is to enrich the few holders of capital at the expense of everyone else. The true producers of wealth – the artisans, tradespeople, inventors, workers, business people, etc – are slaves to the money masters who, with their compound interest system, create more debt than there is money in circulation to pay for. Through propaganda, we are told that the few scraps from their banquet tables served to us as interest on our savings and RRSPs justify their whole system. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Where Does Money Come From?

The average person thinks that the government prints the money supply and that banks lend the money we have deposited with them as savings. These have to be the two biggest lies ever foisted upon us. In Australia, the government currently creates only 1-2% of our money supply. We have in circulation about 7% of our money supply as paper notes printed by the Bank of Australia – not the federal government. The rest of our money supply has been created by the private banking institutions as a debt or loan.

Banks create money by making book entries, or computer entries, based on the collateral of the borrower. Basically, the real wealth of the borrower – his house, land, car, labour, etc – is pledged against the value of the loan requested. The lending institution merely creates a book entry out of thin air and, presto, the borrower has a deposit in his bank account or a cheque in his hand. For this book entry, the bank collects interest at a rate as low as 4% (in the 1960s) to as high as 28% (in the early 80s). At one time, Australian banks were required to maintain cash 5-7% reserves, limiting them to creating 26 times their reserves in loans. Currently, they have no limitations on the amount of money they can literally create out of thin air. This is a lot of control in the hands of individuals notorious for greed, corruption, and disregard for the interests of capital, people, society, and the environment.

We now live in the age of usury, whereby some 99% of the increase in our money supply every year is created as debt by lending institutions and requires that interest be paid on it. However, only the loan is created by lenders, not the money to pay the interest. The money needed to pay the interest doesn’t exist. The interest can only be paid out of the 1- 2% of the money supply created by the government. This is the basis of usury-charging compound interest which creates more debt than can be paid for by the money in circulation. The charging of interest on loans results in debt and the seizure of assets pledged to “secure” loans.

When loans are written by lending institutions, figures are entered into a computer, the credit is then deposited into the borrower’s account and the money supply has increased by that amount. Excessive increases in the money supply as loans leads to inflation and spurts of economic growth. When loans are paid off and interest rates rise, recessions, depressions, and bankruptcies occur. These “business cycles” are very painful and extremely damaging ways to correct the underlying flaws of the fractional reserve system.

A major, fatal flaw in our money system is that whenever a loan is paid off, a corresponding portion of the money supply is destroyed. This is why our national and personal debts can never be paid off. It would eliminate our money supply. The great depression happened because the money supply was so diminished by tight money policies of the banks, that there was not enough money in circulation for people to buy and sell goods and services. This is a tremendous power to have concentrated among an elite group which meets secretly behind closed doors. The interest system can be eliminated when fees for the use of money are taken out of the principal borrowed and there is no compounding interest applied to loans. No wonder the term “usury” is so seldom used nowadays by economists; it actually describes how our economy works, and that’s the last thing the money masters want us to know.

Our Government is Controlled by Money

It stands to reason that whoever controls the money the government spends, controls government policies and politicians. In Australia, the federal government owns all the shares of the Bank of Australia (BoC), but has no voting power, even though the Minister of Finance has a seat on the Board of Directors. This is supposedly to separate the banking system from the excesses of uncontrolled government spending. However, the BoC is directly under the control of the Bank of International Settlements in Geneva, Switzerland, which dictates to all the member banks.

What this means is that, instead of our government deciding on monetary policies that benefit the majority of Australians, we have an elite group of unelected bankers meeting behind closed doors deciding on policies which affect us all in profound ways. Booms, busts, recessions, depressions, inflation, deflation, unemployment, investment, interest rates, and currency rates are all under the control of this elite group which only acts in the interests of capital, not people or the environment. To get back control of our government we have to take back control of our money. The only way to do this is to stop paying taxes, which, except for duties and excise taxes, are illegal under the provisions of the BNA (British North American) Act. The original taxation provisions of the BNA Act are sufficient to finance all government social and state functions without income taxes or GST if the government – rather than the private bankers – creates our money supply. The federal government has the power to create our money supply as debt-free money through the BoC and did so during the depression and World War II. These policies fueled the economic growth which lasted into the early 1970s. In fact, since 1974, the government has reduced its borrowing from the BoC such that we are paying $7 billion in unnecessary interest to borrow from the private banksÑmoney it could be using interest-free.

Why Do You Pay Income Taxes?

First of all, the Federal Government cannot legally collect personal income taxes in Australia as, according to the BNA Act, direct taxation is the sole privilege of the provinces. The only way the Australian Government was able to enact an income tax was to bring it in under the War Measures Act in 1917 as the Income War Tax Act, which is still in effect. This was opposed by those who knew that the Federal Government did not have the legal right to collect income taxes. Four provisions were eventually included in the Income War Tax Act and they served, at the time, to pacify the critics. First, income tax was to be voluntary; second, it was to be temporary, lasting a proposed 24 to 36 months; third, it was to apply to only those earning in excess of $10,000 per year (equivalent to some $300,000 today); and fourth, it was to be applied at a rate of 10%. Under these terms, income tax was to pay off the debt for World War I and then it was to cease.

Why Was an Income Tax Imposed on Australians?

Income tax was imposed primarily to pay for the cost of borrowing money from private banks. This goes back to July 6, 1913, when the government of Australia inexplicably enacted a law known as “An Act Respecting Banks and Banking,” which was cited as the “The Bank Act.” Under the terms of the Bank Act of 1913, exclusive jurisdiction for the control and issue of the nation’s currency and credit was given away to the Australian Bankers Association. The consequences of this illegal transfer of power were not long in being felt throughout the country. In 1913, Australia’s national debt was a minuscule $550 million. By 1917 – only four years later – it had nearly quadrupled to just over $2 billion. Today, it is roughly $600 billion.

It soon became very obvious that the issue and control of currency and credit, once out of government control, would incur a heavy debt load. However, instead of recovering those rights given away in 1913, the Federal Government decided in 1917 to put a system into place to collect income taxes in order to pay the debt and interest costs incurred by the war. This system is the Income War Tax Act which came into being as the inevitable result of this “mistake,” illegal as it was, that was made in 1913. Believe it or not, we are still paying income taxes under the Income War Tax Act which was never rescinded. Although voluntary, the origin and validity of this income tax have been distorted so that payment of the tax is now perceived as obligatory, and has become a modern form of economic slavery.

How Do You Stop Paying Income Taxes?

The most important thing to realize is that the payment of income taxes in Australia has always been voluntary. There is no law anywhere stating that a Australian citizen must file a specifically named income report to Revenue Australia. This can be easily proven by reading Revenue Australia’s own documents. In addition, Section 11 of the Charter of Rights & Freedoms sates that we cannot be compelled to give evidence against ourselves. However, if you file a signed income tax return with the intent of cheating on your taxes, you come under the full power of the income tax legislation. Revenue Australia keeps this information unavailable because the government wants to keep you enmeshed in their web of control arguing over details of the Income Tax Act. This can be circumvented by remaining outside their system.

First of all, it is very important to protect all of your assets with common law trusts, properly set up in joint bank accounts without SIN, and a legal entity for yourself which exists outside the system. Many turn to offshore banking and trusts, but it is much easier, less expensive, and safer to do it here in Australia. The establishment of yourself as a corporation sole or a self-directed common law trust are excellent options. Maintenance of privacy is essential. A simple form letter, the Public Servant Questionnaire, presented to any government representative which guarantees their confidentiality, their use of any information given dependent upon your written approval, as well as their support of your rights and freedoms, goes a long way towards ensuring privacy. One twist in the scheme of things is that Revenue Australia has no definition of a “dollar,” as stated by the Queen in the Filter case (93-1407IT; 11/7/1993), which means they cannot legally collect that which they cannot clearly define. This information has been extremely difficult to access. However, three Australians – Byrun Fox, Phil Nauli, and William Kennay – have collectively put in over 40 years of research to create a De-Taxing Information Kit with simple, effective strategies for taking back control of your money and your life. If enough of us do it, the government will soon have to listen to us instead of to the international money masters….


Where have all the Leaders gone?

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When a self focused self indulgent self loathing population develops awareness of the whole – then maybe we will see true democracy.

Originally posted on The Australian Independent Media Network:

97f/02/vict/0090/78 John Stuart Mill once wrote that not all conservatives are stupid, but most people who are stupid are conservative. That is probably because they are afraid of what they don’t know. People seek guidance at every turn and accept the time honoured practices and formulae of the past; they view such a strategy as safe. In short, they don’t know any better and don’t want to. They just want to be reassured. Conservative politicians are good at offering that. It’s politically clever but it’s not leadership.

Prior to the time when Gough Whitlam came to power I was apolitical. Back around the late 1950s my parents were DLP voters which was hardly surprising coming as they did from an Irish-Catholic background. They thought they were supporting a Catholic breakaway party resisting what was perceived as an unhealthy communist influence within the Labor party.

This was the era of Bob Santamaria…

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My Country! A poem for our time…

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Does our Aussie sarcasm do us more harm than good????

Originally posted on The Australian Independent Media Network:


I love a sunburnt country

A land of dames and knights,

Of rugged radio shock jocks

Who tell us of our rights.

I love her racist free speech

Now we have no 18C

Her bigots do have rights, you know,

The great white land for me.

  I love our English PM 

  Who tells us what to think

  On tax and debt and Labor 

  And how his doesn’t stink!

  Our trees are made for chopping 

  Our seas are made quite deep

  Just because there’s dumping - 

  No reason to lose sleep!

A resource rich mine country, 

Which makes our country grand

All you who would now tax this, 

You will not understand 

Though our Earth holds many minerals

And there’s oil in our seas

Unless we own a company,

We have no right to these!

  Core of my heart, my country! 


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Is this 1950?

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Abbott is a man way out of touch with the times. He is failing to address critical issues while wasting time on distractions like Knighthoods and perks for the wealthy.


here’s a list you should read  - source -

Tony Abbott has been in power since 7 September 2013. From that moment, he and his government have broken promises and hurt Australians.

This post will be regularly updated to keep track of the Abbott Government’s broken promises and everything his Government does to hurt Australians.

Each separate item will have a link to a source. Broken promises appear in bold and in a separate list at the end.


123. Closes all Medicare offices on Saturdays – 26 March 2014

122. Brings back the awards of knights and dames which were abolished in 1986 – 25 March 2014

121. Cuts 400 jobs from the industry department – 25 March 2014

120. Ensures a human rights enquiry into the Manus Island detention centre is shut down and human rights lawyers are denied access to the centre – 23 March 2014

119. Defunds Ethical Clothing Australia that worked with industry to protect outworkers in the textile and clothing industry from exploitation and abandons the Governments ethical procurement guidelines  - 21 March 2014

118. Abolishes one third of the jobs in Treasury costing approximately 300 jobs – 21 March 2014

117. Cuts welfare payments to orphans of soldiers –  16 March 2014

116. Moves to deny funding to artists or events that refuse corporate sponsorship for ethical reasons – 15 March 2014

115. Cuts hundreds of jobs at the CSIRO – 14 March 2014

114. Reopens 457 visa loophole to allow employers to hire an unlimited number of workers without scrutiny – 12 March 2014

113. Overturns a ban on cattle grazing in the Victorian Alpine National Park – 6 March 2014

112. Frustrated and defeated an attempt at the UN to highlight the humanitarian consequences of nuclear war – 5 March 2014

111. Axes funding earmarked to save the Sumatran rhinoceros from extinction – 28 February 2014

110. Introduces legislation to allow people aged between 17-24 years old to work for half the minimum wage and be exempted from all other work rights including health and safety laws and protections should they be injured at work – 26 February 2014  

109. Misleads the Australian public about what occurred on Manus Island when asylum seekers were attacked killing one person and injuring seventy-seven. Once the information was known to be untrue, waited five days to correct the record - 25 February 2014

108. Contravenes 113 years of established practice by moving to release the previous Government’s confidential cabinet papers to the Royal Commission into the Pink Batts scheme – 22 February 2014

107. Scraps food grants program for small farmers – 21 February 2014

106. Pressured SPC Ardmona to cut the pay and conditions for workers in return for Government money – 20 February 2014

105. Blames carbon pricing for the close of Alcoa smelters and rolling mills and the loss of nearly 1000 jobs, despite the fact the company states it had no bearing on their decision –19 February 2014

104. Breaches the privacy and puts in danger around 10, 000 asylum seekers and their families by releasing their personal details on the Department of Immigration website – 19 February 2014

103. Fails to ensure the safety of asylum seekers in our care on Manus Island who were subjected to a vicious attack, which left one person dead and seventy-seven seriously injured  – 18 February 2014

102. Reverses the previous government’s decision to care for refugee children who are without an adult family member (ie unaccompanied minors) in the community and sends them to detention centres in Nauru – 17 February 2014

101. Appoints a climate change sceptic to head a review of our renewable energy target –17 February 2014 

100. Pays hundreds of indigenous workers in his Department up to $19 000 less than non-indigenous workers doing the same job and cuts the budget for the representative body the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples causing two-thirds of the staff to lose their jobs – 15 February 2014

99. Breaks a promise to provide fibre-to-the-premises for all Tasmanians for the National Broadband Network – 13 February 2014

98. Unemployment rate jumps to highest in more than 10 years – 13 February 2014

97. Lies to the Australian public about the reasons Toyota gave for their decision to close in order to blame the workers and their union – 12 February 2014

96. Takes down a website providing information to the Australian public on the ingredients and nutritional content of foods. It is later revealed that the person in the Minister’s office who gave this directive is married to a lobbyist  from the junk food industry and was still a share holder in their lobbying company – 11 February 2014 

95. Destroys the Australian car manufacturing industry by refusing to provide any industry assistance leading to the decision of Toyota to shut costing up to 30 000 jobs – 10 February 2014

94. Launches a Royal Commission into unions – 10 February 2014

93. Attempts to reintroduce temporary visas for asylum seekers found to be fleeing persecution preventing them ever settling in Australia and retrospectively applies them to 20 000 people – 7 February 2014

92. Supports a reduction of penalty rates and other Award minimums in a submission to the Fair Work Commission’s review of all Awards – 4 February 2014

91. Lies to the Australian public about the wages and working conditions of factory workers at SPC Ardmona in Shepparton and uses this incorrect information to blame them for their job insecurity – 4 February 2014

90. Launches an “efficiency study” into ABC and the SBS - 30 January 2014

89. Cuts the wages of Australian troops deployed overseas by almost $20 000 per solider –29 January 2014

88. Intervenes on the side of Toyota to support cutting Australian workers wages and conditions – 28 January 2014

87. Privatises the 104 year old Australian Valuation Office costing nearly 200 jobs – 24 January 2014

86. Seeks to wind back the World Heritage listing of Tasmania’s forests – 23 January 2014

85. Withdraws funding for an early intervention program to help vulnerable young people – 22 January 2014

84. Exempts Western Australia from national environment laws to facilitate shark culling –21 January 2014

83. Defunds all international environmental programs, the International Labour Organisation and cuts funding to a range of international aid programs run by NGOs such as Save the Children, Oxfam, CARE Australia and Caritas – 18 January 2014

82. Violates Indonesia’s territorial sovereignty while turning back asylum seeker boats – 17 January 2014

81. Politicises the national school curriculum by appointing a former Liberal staffer and a Coalition supporter, both critics of the current curriculum to conduct a review - 10 January 2014.

80. Directs that people already found to be refugees who arrived by boat be given the lowest priority for family reunion - 8 January 2014

79. Fails to contradict or take any action against a member of his government, Senator Cory Bernardi, who makes divisive statements about: abortion, “non-traditional” families and their children, same sex couples, couples who use IVF and calls for parts of WorkChoices to be reintroduced - 6 January 2014

78. Devastates Australia’s contribution to overseas aid by cutting $4.5 billion from the budget, causing vital programs supporting those in extreme poverty in our region to collapse - 1 January 2014

77. Drastically reduces tax breaks for small business and fails to publicise it - 1 January 2014

76. Appoints Tim Wilson, a Liberal Party member and Policy Director of a right-wing think tank to the position of Commissioner at the Human Rights Commission even though this think tank argued for the Commission to be abolished – 23 December 2013 

75. Approves private health fund premium increases of an average 6.2% a year – 23 December 2013

74. Breaks his promise to provide the promised customs vessel to monitor whaling operations in the Southern Ocean – 23 December 2013 

73. Requests the delisting of World Heritage status for Tasmanian forests – 21 December 2013 

72. Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health by cutting $150 million from hospital and health services – 17 December 2013.

71. Scraps the Home Energy Saver Scheme which helps struggling low income households cut their electricity bills - 17 December 2013

70. Defunds the Public Interest Advocacy Centre whose objectives are to work for a fair, just and democratic society by taking up legal cases public interest issues - 17 December 2013

69. Defunds the Environmental Defenders Office which is a network of community legal centres providing free advice on environmental law - 17 December 2013

68. Axes funding for animal welfare - 17 December 2013

67. Breaks his election promise of no cuts to education by cutting funding for trade training centres in schools – 17 December 2013

66. Abolishes the AusAID graduate program costing 38 jobs - 17 December 2013

65. Cuts Indigenous legal services by $13.4 million. This includes $3.5 million from front line domestic violence support services, defunding the National legal service and abolishing all policy and law reform positions across the country   - 17 December 2013

64. Abolishes the position of co-ordinator-general for remote indigenous services - 17 December 2013

63. Breaks his promise to unequivocally support the NDIS by changing the name of  NDIS “launch sites” to “trial sites” and flags cuts to funding – 17 December 2013 

62. Abolishes the National Office for Live Music along with the live music ambassadors - 17 December 2013

61. Cuts $2.5 million from community radio – 17 December 2013 

60. Weakens the ministerial code of conduct to let ministers keep shares in companies - 16 December 2013

59. Disbands the independent Immigration Health Advisory Group for asylum seekers – 16 December 2013 

58. Dumps the National Occupational Licensing Scheme which was designed to increase productivity by making it easier for skilled workers to work interstate – 14 December 2013

57. Axes $4.5 million from charities and community groups for the Building Multicultural Communities Program – 13 December 2013

56. Starts dismantling Australia’s world leading marine protection system - 13 December 2013 

55. Scraps the COAG Standing Council on Environment and Water – 13 December 2013 

54. Breaks his NBN election promise of giving all Australians access to 25 megabits per second download speeds by 2016 – 12 December 2013  

53. Overturns the “critically endangered” listing of the Murray Darling Basin - 11 December 2013

52. Dares Holden to leave Australia. Holden responds by announcing its closure which costs Australians tens of thousands of jobs – 11 December 2013 

51. Approves Clive Palmer’s mega coal mine in the Galilee Basin which opponents say will severely damage Great Barrier Reef - 11 December 2013

50. Demands that the few childcare workers who got pay rises “hand them back” – 10 December 2013 

49. Approves the largest coal port in the world in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area – 10 December 2013  

48. Removes the community’s right to challenge decisions where the government has ignored expert advice on threatened species impacts – 9 December 2013 

47. Downgrades national environment laws by giving approval powers to state premiers – 9 December 2013  

46. Undermines Australia’s democracy by signing a free trade agreement with South Korea allowing corporations to sue the Australian Government – 6 December 2013 

45. Damages our diplomatic relationship with our nearest neighbour East Timor – 5 December 2013 

44. Repeals the pokie reform legislation which was designed to combat problem gambling – 4 December 2013 

43. Suspends the Wage Connect program, despite it being proven to deliver good outcomes for unemployed people – 3 December 2013 

42. Axes funding to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia, forcing the 46 year old organisation to close. It is later revealed that  a staffer in the Assistant Health Minister’s office had links to the Alcohol Industry - 27 November 2013  

41. Breaks his promise to support Gonski and back flips three times – 25 November 2013  

40. Shifts Australia’s position at the UN on Israeli settlements - 25 November 2013

39. Damages our diplomatic relationship with the Indonesian Government by refusing to apologise for tapping the phones of their President, his wife and senior Government officials – 23 November 2013 

38. Converts crucial Start-Up Scholarships into loans, increasing the debt of 80,000 higher education students by $1.2 billion – 21 November 2013 

37. Gifts two navy patrol boats to the Sri Lankan government to stop asylum seekers fleeing the Sri Lankan government - 17 November 2013

36. Introduces a Bill to impose on workers who are elected onto unpaid union committees huge financial penalties and jail terms for breeches of new compliance obligations – 14 November 2013 

35. Condones torture by foreign governments by saying “sometimes in difficult circumstances, difficult things happen” – 14 November 2013 

34. Hides information from the Parliament and the people about the government’s treatment of asylum seekers – 13 November 2013

33. Separates a refugee mother from her newborn baby – 10 November 2013 

32. Cuts 600 jobs at the CSIRO - 8 November 2013

31. Abolishes Insurance Reform Advisory Group which provided a forum for industry and consumer bodies to discuss insurance industry reform - 8 November 2013

30. Abolishes the Maritime Workforce Development Forum which was an industry body working to build a sustainable skills base for the maritime industry - 8 November 2013

29. Abolishes the High Speed Rail Advisory Group whose job it was to advise Governments on the next steps on implementing high speed rail for eastern Australia - 8 November 2013

28. Abolishes the Advisory Panel on the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula which for 21 years ensured companies comply with agreements on the advertising  of infant formula - 8 November 2013 

27. Abolishes the Antarctic Animal Ethics Committee who ensured research on animals in the Antarctic complies with Australian standards - 8 November 2013

26. Abolished the National Steering Committee on Corporate Wrongdoing that for 21 years worked to make sure the law was effectively enforced on corporate criminals - 8 November 2013

25. Abolishes the National Inter-country Adoption Advisory Council which provided expert advice on overseas adoption - 8 November 2013

24. Abolishes International Legal Services Advisory Council which was responsible for working to improve the international performance of Australia’s legal services - 8 November 2013

23. Abolishes the Commonwealth Firearms Advisory Council a group of experts in gun crime and firearms which was set up after the Port Arthur massacre - 8 November 2013

22. Abolishes Australian Animals Welfare Advisory Committee a diverse group of experts advising the Agriculture Minister on animal welfare issues - 8 November 2013

21. Abolishes the National Housing Supply Council which provided data and expert advice on housing demand, supply and affordability - 8 November 2013

20. Abolishes the  Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing, established to help address the challenges the country faces as the number of older Australians grows – 8 November 2013 

19. Refuses to offer support to manufacturing in  Tasmania, despite requests and warnings. Caterpillar announces the move of 200 jobs from Burnie to Thailand, costing around 1000 local jobs – 5 November 2013

18. Provides $2.2 million legal aid for farmers and miners to fight native title claims - 1 November 2013

17. Abolishes the 40 year old AusAID costing hundreds of jobs - 1 November 2013

16. Launches a successful High Court  challenge which strikes down the ACT Marriage Equality laws invalidating the marriages of many people and ensuring discrimination against same-sex couples continues – 23 October 2013 

15. Denies there is a link between climate change and more severe bush fires and accuses a senior UN official was “talking through their hat”  – 23 October 2013 

14. Appoints the head of the Business Council of Australia to a “Commission of Audit” to recommend cuts to public spending – 22 October 2013  

13. Cuts compensation to the victims of bushfires - 21 October 2013

12. Instructs public servants and detention centre staff to call asylum seekers “illegals” - 20 October 2013

11. Appoints Howard era Australian Building & Construction Commission (ABCC) Director to help reinstate the ABCC with all its previous oppressive powers over construction workers – 17 October 2013 

10. Axes the Major Cities Unit a Government agency with 10 staff which provided expert advice on urban issues in our 18 biggest cities - 24 September 2013

9. Breaks his promise to “stop the boats” – 23 September 2013  

8. Scraps the Social Inclusion Board, which had been established to guide policy on the reduction of poverty in Australia - 19 September 2013 

7. Abolishes the Climate Commission – 19 September 2013 

6. Appoints himself Minister for Women – 16 September 2013 

5. Appoints only one woman into his cabinet and blames the women for his decision, saying he appoints “on merit”– 16 September 2013 

4. Abolishes key ministerial positions of climate change and science – 16 September 2013 

3. Breaks his promise to spend his first week with an Aboriginal community -
14 September 2012

2. Takes away pay rises for childcare workers – 13 September 2013 

1. Takes away pay rises from aged care workers – 13 September 2013 

The Broken Promise Count

1. Does not spend his first week as Prime Minister with an Aboriginal community – 14 September 2013. This promise was made in front of indigenous elders and participants at the Garma Festival on 10 August 2013, this is a live recording.

2. Fails to “stop the boats” – 23 September 2013.   This promise was repeated so many times I can’t count. Here’s Abbott’s 2013 campaign launch speech.

3. Breaks his promise to support Gonski - 25 November 2013. Fails to commit to future funding or to require States to match the Commonwealth funding commitment. See paragraph two from Christopher Pyne on 29 August 2013

4. Breaks its NBN election promise of giving all Australians access to 25 megabits per second download speeds by 2016 – 12 December 2013   This was the Coalition’s policy they took to the election first announced 9 April 2013.

5. Changes name of  NDIS “launch sites” to “trial sites” and flags cuts to funding – 17 December 2013.  The unequivical promise to deliver the NDIS in full was made 20 August 2013 and is in the policies they took to the election

6. Breaks his election promise of no cuts to education by cutting funding for trade training centres in schools on 17 December 2013. He made this promise at the National Press Club on 2 September 2013 and in writing on 5 September 2013 as part of their policy commitments.

7. Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health. He made this promise at the National Press Club on 2 September 2013 and in writing on 5 September 2013 as part of their policy commitments. This promise was first broken on 27 November 2013 when they cut funding to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council and again on 17 December 2013 when they cut $150 million from hospitals and health services. 

8. Fails to provide the promised customs vessel to monitor whaling operations in the Southern Ocean – 23 December 2013 Promise made by Greg Hunt - 9 April 2013

9. Breaks a promise to provide fibre-to-the-premises for all Tasmanians for the National Broadband Network. This promise was confirmed my Malcolm Turnbull on 17 August 2013and confirmed as broken by the NBN Co executive chairman Ziggy Switkowski on 13 February 2014.

The World is Not Hostile

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Scarcity is a product of a world devoted to economic growth.

Originally posted on The Australian Independent Media Network:

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

A guest post by Matthew Mitchell.

Hobbes’ declaration that life is “Nasty, brutish and short” is often quoted today  (although , completely out of context, it was not unconditionally so) and modern economists may decry the “scarcity of resources”, but this is only one view of the world, and one that has been formed relatively recently in Western history – perhaps it is no coincidence that this attitude developed along with philosophies of self interest and social theories of “survival of the fittest” (this is no criticism of Darwin’s theories, just their misapplication to human affairs, as promoted by Herbert Spencer).

However, there is another view of the world. That is of one of abundance and bounty. The fruit tree bears far more than is needed to reproduce itself. There is almost nothing we cannot eat: many plants, the flesh…

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Pine Gap the CIA and the dismissal of Gough Whitlam

•March 19, 2014 • 3 Comments


The Forgotten Coup – and How the Same Godfather Rules From Canberra to Kiev

Tuesday, 18 March 2014 09:51By John PilgerTruthout | News Analysis

Since 1945, dozens of governments, many of them democracies, have met a fate similar to that of the elected government of the Ukraine, usually with bloodshed, says John Pilger.

Washington’s role in the fascist putsch against an elected government in Ukraine will surprise only those who watch the news and ignore the historical record.  Since 1945, dozens of governments, many of them democracies, have met a similar fate, usually with bloodshed.

Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries on earth with fewer people than Wales, yet under the reformist Sandinistas in the 1980s, it was regarded in Washington as a “strategic threat.” The logic was simple; if the weakest slipped the leash, setting an example, who else would try their luck?

The great game of dominance offers no immunity for even the most loyal US “ally.” This is demonstrated by perhaps the least known of Washington’s coups – in Australia. The story of this forgotten coup is a salutary lesson for those governments that believe a “Ukraine” or a “Chile” could never happen to them.

Australia’s deference to the United States makes Britain, by comparison, seem a renegade. During the American invasion of Vietnam – which Australia had pleaded to join – an official in Canberra voiced a rare complaint to Washington that the British knew more about US objectives in that war than its antipodean comrade-in-arms. The response was swift: “We have to keep the Brits informed to keep them happy. You are with us come what may.”

This dictum was rudely set aside in 1972 with the election of the reformist Labor government of Gough Whitlam.  Although not regarded as of the left, Whitlam – now in his 98th year – was a maverick social democrat of principle, pride, propriety and extraordinary political imagination. He believed that a foreign power should not control his country’s resources and dictate its economic and foreign policies. He proposed to “buy back the farm” and speak as a voice independent of London and Washington.

On the day after his election, Whitlam ordered that his staff should not be “vetted or harassed” by the Australian security organization, ASIO – then, as now, beholden to Anglo-American intelligence. When his ministers publicly condemned the Nixon/Kissinger administration as “corrupt and barbaric,” Frank Snepp, a CIA officer stationed in Saigon at the time, recalled: “We were told the Australians might as well be regarded as North Vietnamese collaborators.”

Victor Marchetti, the CIA officer who had helped set up Pine Gap - a joint US-Australian satellite tracking station in the center of Australia - later told me a “threat to close Pine Gap caused apoplexy in the White House. Consequences were inevitable . . . a kind of Chile was set in motion.” READ FULL STORY


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