Galactic Center, DNA Activation and Homo Luminous

After much investigation here is a cut and paste job as I attempt to shed light on the widely discussed coming changes in 2012/13 – both planetary and biologically. In short the Earth and all its inhabitants are currently being bombarded by increasing levels of Cosmic Rays – Electromagnetic radiation from our own Sun and the Galactic Centre of our Galaxy. It is a scientific fact that these energy rays have the capacity to alter our DNA. It is also a scientific fact that only 2 out of 12 strands in our DNA are active, like wise we only use 10% of our human brain. What could the future hold if all 12 strands of our DNA were active and as a consequence enabling the full use of our brain! Heightened awareness, connection and appreciation of all life?

Energy and the Galactic Center

The Center of our Milky Way Galaxy  is a stunning source of energy, motivation, and aspiration. The Galactic Center is the Sun of our Sun. It is the source of most of the gravitational energy present in our galaxy, and probably the source of most of the energy in any chart, transformed through our own Sun.

In 1932, Karl Jansky, a Bell Telephone Laboratories engineer, was searching for the source of static affecting overseas telephone lines. To find the source he built the first 95 foot movable radio- telescope to detect it. Part of the static turned out to be created by the center of our Galaxy at 26 degrees of Sagittarius. Astronomers paid little attention to the discovery, but to the astrology of consciousness, this discovery should rank right up there with the discovery of Pluto in 1930.

In the late 1960’s, astronomers finally honed in on the GC (Galactic Center) with radio and infrared instruments. They were astounded by the immense energies to be found there. A huge Black Hole is thought to be at the center, about the size of a large star, but containing the mass of four million suns. The staggering amount of material being drawn into the black hole radiates energy at many frequencies.

The coming ‘Galactic Alignment’ is a factual astronomical event caused by the Precession of the Equinox whereby our solar system comes into direct alignment and passes through the equator of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Scientifically calculated to occur every 25,920 years as the Earth along with our neighboring planets, traverses the Galactic equator in approximately 18 years. Also, this same event is said to occur at the half-way point of the precession cycle or, every 12,960 years. The most accurate measurements indicate this galactic alignment began around 1998 and will continue through 2016 as we move through the galactic equator. Recent scientific discoveries conclude a super massive black hole exists at the center of the Milky Way galaxy which influence many predictions.

Although not fully understood, the energies which emanate from the galaxy’s center along the Galactic equator could be responsible for the Galactic Super-wave theories and subsequent effects on everything in their energetic path.

Subsequently, one cannot exclude our Sun and its Coronal Mass Ejections or, solar flares peak in 11 year cycles and the next solar peak according to scientists will be in 2012. Massive solar flares unseen in recent history are recorded in lunar rock samples indicating “Super Flares” 50 times higher than any current intensity did occur approximately 16,000 years ago. Additional scientific evidence indicates all of our solar system’s planets are changing rapidly. Apparently, “global warming” is not exclusively an Earthly domain. There is a reasonable probability our Earth and we upon it, may be transformed by these cosmic convergences and their associated by-products. Solar flares and the like, combined with our ever decreasing magnetic field enveloping the Earth which is overdue for a magnetic pole reversal, can equally spell disaster or massive changes to our fragile, technologically dependent life.

DNA and 12 strand activation.

The DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) holds the essential blueprint for all biological life, and consists of a sugar base, phosphates, and a sequencing of nucleotides. Unique and personal, it contains the encoded information for both your physical and spiritual lineages. This encoded information determines your physical form, hereditary maladies, mental proclivities, emotional behavioural patterns, spiritual gifts, and more.

The DNA contains the master plan for your life purpose, it literally holds the script to your life!

DNA is a chemical. Therefore, it follows the laws of chemistry. Consequently, DNA molecules can be damaged–chemically altered–by radiation, chemicals, cosmic rays, oxygen radicals, etc. Although DNA damage can often be repaired, it is not always repaired, and repair may be imperfect. Damage and/or imperfect repair can also alter genes.

These changes to DNA are mutations. Because they occur by normal, chemical mechanisms, it is impossible to prevent them from occurring. It is also impossible to cause them to occur in specific genes . They occur at random.

Our present physical DNA contains two strands, which hold the genetic codes for our physical evolvement. However, there are an additional ten strands that remain dormant until they are activated. It is believed these spiritual DNA codes are our cosmic link to the universal life force, connecting Spirit with the human genetic code. When these dormant strands become activated (by radiation or cosmic rays) they facilitate the development of our spiritual DNA.

With full DNA activation you will actively and consciously create the moment and start the process of moving outside of linear time. Once the 12 strand DNA is activated, emotions, beliefs, and behavior patterns that do not serve your life can be removed, and replaced with the higher vibrational frequencies of light and love.

The Peruvian shamans living high up in the Andes Mountains have come down to tell us that a new species of human being is about to appear. They call this being ‘Homo Luminous’. They tell us that forerunners of Homo Luminous are already among us right now. Like Cro-Magnon Man of 26,000 years ago, the last time that we passed through the cusp of Aquarius, so too now a new human is emerging. This new human will possess entirely new qualities that we do not have. The great Avatars, Jesus Christ, Krishna and many others may have been early arrivals for this newly emerging species. Aquarius is the only one of the four quadrent signs that is symbolically represented by a human, and this human carries a container of water. This symbology is interesting as DNA can only be activated in water. So even the symbolic nature of the sign of Aquarius seems to suggest a change in the genetic structure of the human race.

Mayan Wisdom

According to the Maya, the world as we know it will cease to exist in its current state because this date in time marks the beginning of a new cycle called the “Fifth Sun”. They state emphatically: world will not physically end.

The preceding cyclical eras were dominated by altering influences, forces that were either female or male oriented. These where always divisive, fairly unbalanced periods of existence. The current expiring fourth cycle was dominated by the male energies associated with our left brain’s capacity to express its unique characteristics – the Age of Pisces. Think of the emerging Fifth Sun as the equal blending the energetic qualities of both male and female powers. Both left and right brain operating as a whole is the key here.  Imagine a world where one side is not competing against the other, but co-existing equally together without separation and in doing so, eliminating confrontations by helping support one another. Think- peace on earth, harmony and a return to full consciousness and personal power unimaginable, a world essentially void of strife – the age of Aquarius.

The next level –  Fifth Dimension a Higher frequency

We, in our three or four-dimensional reality are at the lowest end of the spectrum of Light, energy and vibrational frequency. We have lived within this frame of reference so long that we are accustomed to thinking that it is all there is. But it is not all there is. We have access in our consciousness to all that is ‘above’, for what is ‘above’ is also within.

To try to imagine five-dimensional space from this three-dimensional perspective is generally not possible. The fifth dimension or layer of Creation is not spatial nor is it temporal. Rather, it is a dimension that brings space-time into relationship with the timeless and eternal. Fifth-dimensional ‘space’ and the awareness that accompanies it creates a movement of consciousness rather than a movement on the physical plane. This movement allows us to begin to perceive the unity of life and matter because we are moving within a higher plane. And just as we would if we physically ascended a mountain, as we move into higher dimensions, we have access to a broader view of what reality really is. Within this broader view, things are not as separate as they are within three-dimensional reality. The one who is ‘me’ and the one who is ‘you’ are not so far apart, in fact, they may not be apart at all.

To understand movement within a ‘plane of consciousness‘, think of dreaming. In dreams, we can do things that are not normally possible in physical life. We can see the same thing from different perspectives. We can be two places at the same time. We can move in ways that are not possible in three-dimensional space, and time itself often has an altogether different quality. Dreaming gives us an illustration of what a ‘movement in consciousness’ might be like.

The human body consists of many elements of different properties and densities, skin, bone, various liquids, minerals, water, etc and these are woven together in an orchestrated symphony of tones that make up the physical form. This is called the body’s Resonant Frequency, or energetic signature, sitting within the frequency bandwidth of human expression. The human form is special in that it’s able to resonate or tune into a very broad vibrational bandwidth of frequencies, from the gross to the subtle. There are a number of senses that can be used to tune into the subtle energies, each will have a predominant sense that is best developed or refined to tune into these energies. One’s resonant frequency is unique to oneself; however these vibrations are generally a harmonic of Earth’s own unique frequency, the creation in which we are part of.

Everything in creation vibrates, this includes both ends of the frequency spectrum, which is often termed Polar Opposites or Duality, good/bad, saintly/demonic, rich/poor, abuse/honour, Yin/Yang, male/female. It would be true to say that we all sit within the darker denser 3rd Dimensional vibrations in one way or another, and that none are totally isolated from such energies. However, it is also true to say that the spiritual, emotion, mental and physical journey is to transcend the darker vibrations, and to embrace the higher tones of joy, happiness, love and freedom as an expression of one’s experience. The predominant vibration of one’s resonant frequency is based on the power of their thought form; changing thought form will change vibration. It is often said that light cannot shine without the dark, from which it comes.

Consciously or not we are trying to move into higher energies and vibration. Energies such as love, joy, happiness, unity, and creation are all examples of that higher vibration. The teachings of Buddha, the Dalai Lama, the core teachings of Jesus have all been speaking about this for a long time; the importance of centering yourself in love, joy and peace. You know when you’ve had a great day you feel light, you glow, you radiate — all terms & feelings associated with this vibration. You literally ARE lighter vibrationally. Low vibration is that heaviness we feel in our hearts and stomachs (and sometimes head) – sadness, despair, grief, frustration, anger, victim, regret, and so on. It quite literally “gets you down”. In esoteric terms, this is 4th dimension energy/vibration.


When one considers everything in the universe is related and interconnected down to the atomic, subatomic and quantum level, it’s not a far stretch to conclude the universe sets creation in motion and dictates the evolutionary expansion process. The universes cosmic influence appear to be conspiring through a combination of ways to remind each one of us that we are not merely spectators to a epoch destined to transpire, but are to be active participants. What we should at least understand by now, is we cannot as human beings, journey much further on the former path we created. Have we not already experienced enough to a small degree, how that path would end?

May you live in appreciation, consideration, respect and love – your highest vibrations.

the latest 2012 crop circle, possibly depicting the dimensional shift or changing vibration of Earth

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~ by Kade on August 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “Galactic Center, DNA Activation and Homo Luminous”

  1. wow! 10 years ago i attended a workshop on mer-kah-bah and light body activation. Even back then so much of the information rang true, and was accepted by my conciousness at a deep level. My rational mind continued to find reasons why a it couldnt be possible, yet a spark of hope and excitement for the future of humanity was lit and has continued to burn. Now i find this information everywhere and have been experiencing some definate changes in my energy fields. The ego still wants to disbelieve and sometimes it seems that is the greatest challenge of moving forward to a fith dimensional exsistence. I sense we are now on the prepercice, and i long for the great change to ocurr. At the same time i feel we are all resposible to live this truth as best we can. Not just wait for something to happen. So as always it is the balance of faith and action that i aim to achieve. Blessing to all, and gratitude for the oppurtunity to be alive in these exciting times….

  2. Humanity in it’s current form has been around for so long that it’s just simply amazing to consider the idea that we might be not only witnessing the dawn of but tranforming into a new species, needless to say it explains alot to, I’m looking forward to what life in the 5th dimension has to offer, sure I’ve been alittle sad about leaving behind some of the better parts of what I know, but every time I think about that I just remind myself that if 5D life is half as good as people have suggested than as lives go I’ll be trading up, not just trading in.

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